6 tips to better data collection

6 tips to better data collection

Take a step back and think about the data available to your business. Chances are it has grown exponentially, and will likely continue to do so into the future. While this can be useful as more data equals a better, clearer picture of what is going on in your business, there is still a large amount of data that is useless.

Boost business intelligence value

Boost business intelligence value

Most businesses are continuously looking for ways to improve visibility, efficiency, and gain valuable insights into consumer behavior. By utilizing your company’s business intelligence (BI) system, you can achieve all this and more. Many companies spend anywhere between USD $100 thousand and $1 million for their BI system but fail to make proper use of it.

BI misconceptions

BI_Apr22_CWith the increasing amount of technology and data available to a business, the need to make informed decisions and utilize the data at hand is increasingly important. One function that helps with this is Business Intelligence (BI). While BI is becoming ever more popular with small business owners, there are common misconceptions about BI that could hinder its effectiveness.

What is business analytics?

BI_Jan27_CThere are many important components of a business, and data is definitely among the most popular. Pause and think for a moment how much of your business relies on it. It would be a challenge for a business to function without it. For business owners that look into data, many will have heard the term ‘business analytics’ before.

BI trends for 2014

BI_Jan02_COne of the more important business functions is making decisions. In order to make any choice and resolution in business you need to ensure that you have the correct background information. That’s why Business Intelligence has become so popular – it helps us make better decisions with the data in hand.

Should businesses look into patterns?

Bi_Dec02_CEstablished small and medium business owners often have to deal with obstacles along the way, such as their sales and profits levelling off, or their companies not growing as fast as they had in the past. These are common issues that many businesses face.